Little Cloud Lesson Plan (the younger years

These past few weeks I have been doing a yoga/language/literacy lesson with our 3-5 year olds using Eric Carle’s Little Cloud.  What an awesome book!  The kids practice all sorts of animal and nature poses, and then come together as a group to create a rainstorm.  They practice breath support by becoming the wind that pushes clouds around our sky, and they use their imaginations to think up all sort of things clouds can turn into.  All of this great knowledge and discussion is then incorporated into an art activity.

A few things about the below lesson plan if you want to use all of it or even just bits of it:

  • Freeze/Om is my classroom management strategy.  When the kids are getting too silly or I need them back on the carpet, I say “Freeze!”  Then, when they are still, I put my hands together in anjali mudra and slowly sit while chanting “Om.”  The rule is that the kids have to join me by sitting quietly in their spot by the time I finish Om.  They love this, and always put their hands in anjali mudra and join me in the Om.
  • Another book you could use for this lesson or as an add-on is It Looked Like Spilt Milk by Charles G Shaw.
  • There are extension activities that could be used for the early years but also older years too in the below lesson plan.  But other ideas include using whipped cream and marshmallows to create food-based cloud projects or to teach mindful eating with Little Cloud; using shaving cream outside to create large scale cloud art; creating a felt board replication of the story to use with retells and play; create “rainclouds” using cotton balls and eyedroppers with water, such as this activity from The Moveable Alphabet blog