Teaching Punctuation with Yoga

Today my friend Marcey and I co-taught a punctuation lesson (see lesson plan), incorporating literacy, yoga and writing.  The book Punctuation Takes a Vacation is hilarious when read aloud and allows the kids to do a lot of guessing games as to which punctuation mark is “talking” throughout the story.  This is the first time we attempted a full yoga flow with the class, so I did a demo of each “punctuation pose” and we talked about any alignment considerations (i.e. knees over ankles) first. Then we did the sequence together as a class in a flow after the demonstration.  The second time around, the kids really got it!  We are going to do the same class together next week with another punctuation lesson, so hopefully they can retain the sequence and poses.  Marcey and I also noticed that during the Relaxation at the end, the kids fell into it quickly and easily, and managed their own 1,2,3 Breathing - a direct result of the work we’ve done in previous weeks!