Writer's Workshop and Meditation: Working on Settings

My friend Marcey is a wonderful 4th grade teacher and an even more wonderful friend.  Three things came together so we could make a co-teaching lesson work.  1) We love working together; 2) she wanted to incorporate yoga and meditation into her classroom; and 3) our schedules matched up!

We decided to use Writers Workshop as our guiding factor for this lesson, specifically working on the narrative structure and descriptions.  Because a well described setting is the foundation for any good story, it seemed like a logical place to begin.  As you’ll see from the lesson plan and script below, the goal was to get the kids visualizing a peaceful place in their mind using the 5 senses and then to have them write about it in their writers notebook.  The end result was fantastic.  Even some of her students who struggle with writing came up with gorgeous descriptions from this exercise.

Lesson plan

Meditation Script

Samples of kids writing after meditation activity:

“…the coco was chocolate, hot and sweet…”

“…with horses trotting around me, while smelling the grass in the summer air…”

“…and I go upstairs and I grab a book, and I listen to peaceful music…”

“…I can hear the peaceful water dripping down from my heart…”

“…it felt good going on the grass with no shoes…”

“…I can taste the mouth-watering bacon…”

“..I hear the sound of the waves crashing down.  This is my peaceful place.”

“…the air smelled meaty.”