20-Minute Practices are quick yoga classes that engage kids in movement and mindfulness while having fun.  These classes are designed to fit into any movement curriculum, and are suitable for all ages (and can be easily modified as needed).  

To help the kids make a connection between the breath and the focus needed for the Warrior poses, we start with alternate nostril breathing.  While the demonstration and initial practice of course feels a little strange for the kids, they seem to get the pattern and movements a bit more on the second round.  We talk about how this is a great breathing exercise to do when feeling nervous, worried, or anxious as it calms the mind and helps increase concentration/focus.  

This practice teaches each pose individually on the first round, and then puts them into a flow practice.  The first side is almost always a little tricky, but by the second side, kids usually get the hang of it. If time allows, I try to do the flow at least 2-3 times.

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