Recommended Resources

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 My Daddy is A Pretzel

Yoga Pretzel Cards 

Little Flower Yoga

Yogaglo (online classes for adults)

Hoberman Sphere (my go-to “toy” for kids yoga classes)


mindfulness /meditation

The Mindful Child 

Planting Seeds 

Mindful Movements 

Calm Kids 

Fully Present (I highly recommend this book for grown-up wanting to start a mindfulness practice!)

The Whole-Brain Child (not necessarily mindfulness but complements the practice beautifully!)

Search Inside Yourself (establishing a mindfulness practice for adults)


Blogs/Online Resources

Mindful Schools blog

Greater Good Science Center 

Yoga with Elly

Little Flower Yoga


Picture Books and Pirouettes

Cosmic Kids



Healthy Habits of Mind (online, free, 40 minutes)

Room to Breathe (DVD)

Mindfulness in School (TedTalk)

Just Breath (online, free, 4 minutes)



Mindful Schools (my most recommended training resource)

UCLA Mindfulness Research Center  (a great resource for free podcasts)

UCLA (Mindful Meditation, on iTunes U, free)


Headspace  (good resource for daily 10-minute mindful meditations)

Smiling Minds   (good resource for daily mindful meditations for age 7 to adult)