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WILD THINGS YOGA lesson plans…

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I found your lesson plans online and have been using some of them this winter in the kids yoga classes I teach at schools, gyms, and yoga studios. Kids love to have books read aloud and it complements the practice so much! Using the books has really focused my lesson plans and had allowed me to teach a class with much more than asana. — Susan K.M.

Just want to say thank you for your incredibly comprehensive and thoughtful blog. All of your students are lucky you have you and many more will benefit by you generously sharing your ideas with other teachers. — Molly H.

Thank you for your fantastic website and all your great ideas. — Patty K.F.

Thank you for sharing your ideas. Teaching my first kids yoga class on Tuesday! These are so handy and FUN! — Magano N.

I feel so fortunate to have stumbled on to your corner of the Internet! I taught a "Where the Wild Things Are" preschool yoga class and used your lesson plan as a guide. It flowed so naturally and I went back to your website to read your other book suggestions. I have to say thank you. It's so nice of you to take the time to share your creative lesson plans, resources and advice. — Kelly G.

I love your lesson plans! They are filled with so many great ideas for all aspects of yoga, and I especially like the way they are divided up by ages so they are developmentally appropriate. — Kelly

I love your site and all the great information you are sharing with the community. — Maria U.

As a former dancer, yoga fanatic, and school librarian, I have to say I LOVE the choices of books for your literacy lessons! — Lisa E.