Early Childhood: Shh! We Have a Plan

Early Childhood: Shh! We Have a Plan


If you haven't seen Shh We Have a Plan, check it out right away from your local library because it is hilarious and so  so clever. Even better, the book provides fantastic opportunities for yoga/movement, but also expressive language development, social communication, and vocabulary building. From a yoga teacher perspective, I love this book.  And from a speech-language pathologist perspective I doubly love this book.

The premise of Shh! We Have a Plan is that four hunters are trying to catch a bird, and one of them always ruins it by talking too loudly.  Each time they have a new plan, they say "Shh! We have a plan!" When this happens during the read aloud, I have the kids all whisper it to each other one-by-one around the circle.  Then the characters tiptoe, climb, paddle, and run to try to catch the bird, which we also imitate during the read aloud.   

 You can also add a "catch the bird" game before savasana. The kids pretend to be birds and when you turn your back they can get super silly with their movements and sound. But as soon as you turn around they have to be quiet and still in one of the bird-themed poses we practiced. If they are still moving or making noise you “catch” them by tagging them or calling their name. You can play this competitively (with kids sitting down each time their caught, leaving one child to win) or non-competitively.

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