Early Childhood: The Lion's Share

Early Childhood: The Lion's Share


The Lion’s Share by Matthew McElligott is such a sweet book for a yoga and language lesson! Animal characters to turn into yoga poses, an ethics lesson in greed and sharing, and a totally fun story to engage the kids.  And to take it even one step further - the story lends itself perfectly to the math concepts of fractions (halving) and doubling (at a very basic level). I chose just one simple game to do with the kids as you’ll see in the lesson plan, but there are myriad activities that tie in beautifully with this book.  A few additional ideas are included in the lesson plan, but I’m sure you could come up with tons of others.

Note: There is an additional (free) handout with this lesson plan that includes pictures for the game - be sure to download it! With the really little kids (3-4 year olds) I only used the halves and thirds of cake for the activity, but for the older kids (4-5 year olds) I used halves, thirds, and fourths.  

 Second note: This lesson plan could be easily adapted for older kids who are learning about fractions.

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